Back to school: How to prepare for the change of routine?

- Marianne Goupil

La rentrée scolaire : Comment se préparer au changement de routine?||Back to school: How to prepare for the change of routine?
The end of August is just around the corner and the start of the school year is already upon us. I see the students walking on the sidewalk, the buses full of little humans excited at the idea of ​​finding this huge building, but unlike previous years, this year I'm not going back to the school benches. It makes me feel weird not to set foot there again. It's different. Even though I loved school, I remember that this time or year was also full of worry & stress. Over the years, I discovered little tips & tricks that greatly helped me better prepare for the change of routine!

- Have a good sleep routine: Stress & lack of sleep don't mix, it's well known! It is normal that as the return to school approaches, our sleep is lighter or more capricious. There are certain delicacies of La Maison which we think of to promote sleep because yes Lavender has sublime soothing properties. For example, our Pure Lavender scented powder that we like to sprinkle all over the bed just before going to sleep. Otherwise, a few drops of Pure Lavender essential oil in the electric diffuser that you turn on about 30 minutes before going to bed - a big dream.
- Have an agenda: the change of schedule, the days that are different from each other, the postponements of work - that's a lot to remember! In order not to forget anything & to be on time for our classes/appointments, we sincerely believe that the diary is a great tool. It can be paper or electronic, the important thing is to find the method that works best for you & to indicate the course of your days. Little extra: think about creating a color code, a color for discounts, a color for meetings, a color for your activities, etc. - you will have an overview of your week in a few seconds (!!)
- Enroll in (extracurricular) activities: this may seem like a funny piece of advice, but personally, the more I got involved in school & the more I enjoyed my time there. It's truly a sublime way to meet people with whom you have common interests!
- Lavender to go: yesss, it's the first product I bought at Maison Lavande just before my return to Cégep - a very stressful time for me! This little roll-on applicator quickly became a must-have for me. It always had a place of choice in my pencil case. I liked having it to hand just before an exam, an oral presentation or any other stressful event!
- Move: yes, sport is important. It puts order in the ideas, it soothes the mind & relaxes the body. We must not neglect the moments outside too, it is sincerely good for the mind - especially since it is very much in demand during the change of routine! Pssst: don't forget to drink water too!
- Plan for moments of break: Everything goes at high speed in a change of routine. One can quickly feel breathless as everything is new. Setting quieter moments to take care of yourself and then coming back strong is crucial. Here, we think of milk bath powder hihi!


That's it! We wish you a lot of softness in this hectic time. Don't forget to think of yourself, you are precious! X