The House and its friends

As you may have noticed, we greatly enjoy collaborating with local creators and companies for many of our home accessories. It is a joy for us to be able to work, develop and then share our creations knitted with people as passionate as we are. To learn more about the history of Maison Lavande, visit our history page.

Products that reflect Maison Lavande

Our online store contains delicacies for the comfort of your Homes. You will find the ideal products to add fragrance to your home in your own way, according to your desires of the moment. We constantly innovate to find new ideas to contribute to your comfort and well-being. Discover our latest products!

Discounts? Right this way!

You can find some of our accessories in the Last Chance section of our online store (!!!). These items will no longer be available shortly, and we love being able to offer them at a lower price.