Eye Pillow
Eye Pillow
Eye Pillow

Eye Pillow

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Deep relaxation is what this mask is for, all you have to do is lay it on your eyes for a restful nap or to soothe a headache. The powerful tiny lavender flowers inside will assure your sleep is restorative.

  • Our little tip: put it in the fridge between uses to help you get back to sleep during insomnia!
  • It can also be placed in the microwave for a few moments (at small intervals, you don't want to burn the lavender flowers!) to help relieve any cramps or intense pain quickly.
  • PLEASE NOTE: colors and designs of the fabric may vary depending on the availability of the fabric supplier.
  • Dimension: 19cm x 10cm
in Quebec

Free of parabens,
silicones and mineral oil

Always at least
95% natural

Not tested
on animals

(Very) family-owned


A small accessory that promotes deep sleep, relaxation, it also soothes headaches and migraines.

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